Piscine Fibro, the expert in in-ground fibreglass pools.

Why a Fibro in-ground pool?

That’s what a Fibro is
Canadian pioneer in in-ground fibreglass pools.
50 years’ experience ensuring peerless expertise.

Fibro, the innovator in pools with jets.
Waterjets can be installed in all our pools.

The comfort of an energy-efficient in-ground pool.
Polyurethane foam insulation ensures water 8ºF warmer.


Your pool installed in a single day.
By our team of experts, without middlemen, on all types of terrain.


A safe pool, ideal for children
A safe exit step along the inside perimeter of each of our pools makes them ideal for learning how to swim.

Drop by our Laval showroom integrated to our manufacturing plant.

From your very first visit, one of our experts can produce, free of charge, a layout based on your choice of model.


We look forward to meeting you.

A history of quality

Our 50 years of experience are your guarantee of peerless know-how at every phase of your project.

“Our 50 years of experience are your guarantee of peerless know-how at every phase of your project.”
Mrs. Lavallée, second-time owner, Repentigny.
“Excellent service in every regard, a lot of information, respect for deadlines and a very good knowledge of their products. A special mention for Yves who, during the installation, provided excellent advice!! Thanks for everything!”
Mrs. Guo, owner since 2016, Brossard.
“My children grew up with a Fibro, and this year, my oldest son bought one for himself and his family. It was a wonderful experience. I’m delighted to see that, over time, there’s been no loss of quality and that there are still successful companies that take as good care of their clients as they do of their products. Congratulations!”
Landry family, owners since 1988, Granby.