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Our pools require less maintenance than conventional pools.

The Fibro advantage on the market

Piscine Fibro: fast and minimal maintenance!

“A minimum of 20 minutes a week spent running the vacuum”. Our pools’ smooth floor and walls:

  • keep dirt from sticking.
  • eliminate the risk of algae formation.
  • allow faster cleaning of the ring caused by sun lotion. The dirt will bead along the edge rather than stick as it would on a liner.

In addition, our water jets (40% stronger than conventional jets):

  • provide better water circulation and better filtration of dirt by your skimmer and bottom drain.
  • oxygenate the pool water, reducing your consumption of chemical products.

Not to mention:

  • no liner to replace and no painting required.
  • a basin guaranteed for 25 years!!!

Liner and concrete: long and demanding

“Can easily reach an hour and a quarter per week”. Due to its porous walls and floor:

  • dirt can stick on the liner and folds, taking longer to run the vacuum.
  • the sun lotion ring that becomes encrusted around the pool’s perimeter can only be cleaned using chemical products that will affect the quality of your pool water. After just 2 to 3 years of “scrubbing”, a white line will appear along the pool’s water line…

Less effective jets:

  • Floating dirt will reach the skimmer more slowly and dirt on the bottom will slide less effectively towards the bottom drain.

Not to mention:

  • wear on the liner that will eventually need to be replaced.
  • liner’s discoloration from chlorine, exposure to the sun and scrubbing.

Gunite: high costs

“Can easily reach an hour and a quarter per week”. In concrete pools, the liner is replaced by a porous paint covering the bottom of the pool:

  • dirt easily adheres to the paint, taking longer to vacuum.
  • You must incorporate ceramic or tiles around the pool’s edge, otherwise the ring along the water line will be virtually impossible to clean. Costs related to this type of maintenance are quite high.

Not to mention:

  • every 2 years, the pool will have to be repainted (two coats of a quality epoxy paint will cost approximately $1,700).
  • Every 5 to 7 years, the pool will have to be sandblasted with powerful jets of water to remove layers of old paint. This type of work can cost approximately $1,600 for a 15’ x 30’ pool.