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Piscine Fibro has only one branch, along Autoroute 15 North in Laval. We are a family-owned firm based in Laval since 1969. Since Piscine Fibro is both the manufacturer and installer, our sales outlet is connected to our manufacturing plant.

Yes, your certificate of location. This tool will make it possible for one of our consultants to produce a layout and recommend the best location for your pool, allowing you to benefit fully from the sun. As well, based on your tastes, our consultants can help you select the shape of pool best suited to your yard.

In the store, you’ll find several fibreglass, in-ground pools installed according to the latest landscaping design trends. In addition, you will find an inventory of manufactured pools on our property, allowing you to see the actual size of available models. You will also get to see a selection of pool deck finishes and, depending on the time of day you drop by, you might see our installation equipment including our trucks, excavators, and more. Members of our team can explain, in depth, the features of our product and produce a layout based on your criteria.

We have 25 different fibreglass pool models and 4 spa models of various sizes and depths. We have a range of basins of different lengths, including some up to 35 feet long.

One of the uncontested advantages of one-piece fibreglass pools is their installation time and related savings. Unlike liner pools, our pools don’t need to be built in your yard. On installation day, our team of professionals will deliver a complete, plant-tested pool, along with its pipes. You can expect no more than half a day for the installation of the basin and its connection to the filtration system. See our installation videos for further information.

Fibreglass is an insulating material. Further enhancing its attractive features, our pools are also insulated with polyurethane foam. The result: much warmer water than other types of pools on the market. For this reason, most of our clients have no water heater.

Absolutely. Hayward’s salt chlorination systems can be installed or retrofitted on our pools at any time.

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