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Knowledge and expertise passed down over 3 generations.


Developed for the naval industry and aerospace applications, fibreglass reinforced technology is masterfully applied to each of our pools.

fib_btn_ptsform_aqua_10x10 Inch for inch, fibreglass is 17 times stronger than concrete.
fib_btn_ptsform_aqua_10x10 Process ensuring peerless structural soundness and flexibility.
fib_btn_ptsform_aqua_10x10 Greater resistance to changes in temperature and pressure resulting from freezing.
fib_btn_ptsform_aqua_10x10 The one-piece design of a Fibro pool is your assurance of outstanding watertightness.


1. Smooth surface: several layers of ISO/NPG gelcoat.

2. Application of 2 successive coats of fibreglass reinforced plastic ensuring the strength and flexibility of your pool.

3. Lateral fibreglass reinforcement.

4. Polyurethane foam serves as insulation keeping your pool’s water up to 8ºF warmer than any other type of pool.


Sturdiness test of a Fibro pool

Stunt from the movie  “Que Dieu bénisse l’Amérique”

Choice of colours

Different colour options reflecting your tastes.

Caribbean white

Corian blue

 Zen grey