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A range of quality products at your disposal

LED/DEL lighting system

Create the mood of your choice thanks to new multi-coloured light technology.

Prefab fountain unique to Piscine Fibro

Matching our pavers and pool edges, our fountains will complete your landscaping design. Our unique fountains are more affordable than you might think. Go ahead, ask about them!

Hayward salt-water system

An electrolytic chlorine generator remains the easiest, most efficient means as well as the most practical method for keeping your pool clean and its water clear. The chlorine salt generator uses salt to immediately and automatically produce the amount of chlorine your pool needs, safely and efficiently.

Stationary swimming system designed by Piscine Fibro

The innovative stationary swimming pool system will allow you to swim kilometres on the spot, while having the impression of swimming up river. With its powerful jets, this system can be installed on all our pool models, from the smallest to the largest, based on your needs. Adding two powerful jets to the two-pump system will let you swim against the current.

Hayward heat pump

Increase your swimming time with a Hayward heat pump. The quietest in the industry, this easy-to-install water heater delivers superior performance and reliability.

Most durable, the titanium heat exchanger provides excellent corrosion resistance.

A digital control panel displays water temperature, desired temperature and much more…

A streamlined rotor blade ensures a low noise level.

Hayward gas water heater

Extend your swimming season with a Hayward propane or natural gas water heater. Combining state-of-the-art technology with universal flexibility, Hayward’s Universal H-Series delivers superior performance along with exceptional efficiency and low nitric oxide emissions. Respectful of the environment, this heating unit meets all current California and Texas air quality emission standards.  Cupro STD nickel heat exchanger. Corrosion resistant and protected against unusual erosion, it is ideally suited to electronic salt-water chlorination systems.

Super Pump

The Super Pump is the world’s best-selling pool pump. Resistant and quiet, it is the best full-circulation pump. Efficient, dependable and proven, it sets the standard for excellence.

Hayward filtration system

Hayward’s Pro Series filters are high-performance corrosion-resistant filters that combine superior flow and easy operation. At the cutting-edge of technology in the field of high-rate sand filters, their virtually foolproof design and operation deliver pure, sparkling-clear water.